- Full cycle of Accounts Receivable: includes but not limited to: invoices management, collection, credit checks, credit terms, etc;

- Full cycle of Accounts Payable: includes but not limited to: bills management, online bills-pay, credit card spending & payment, etc.



• Making city, state and federal tax deposits; and completing annual tax forms, such as W-2s and 1099s;
• Prepare sales tax report, quarterly 941 forms and annual tax returns
• Online  E-filing with our PTIN



Full charge of bookkeeping:
• Recording financial transactions, such as: invoices, bills, credit cards spending, checks deposits, wire transfer, internal bank accounts transfer, inventory, purchase orders,    fixed assets, commissions, payrolls, taxes, and owner’s withdrawal, etc;
• Managing accounts payable and receivable, such as pay bills online, credit card spending & payment, collect payments, credit checks, credit terms;
• Reconciling bank statements, credit card statement, and inventory records;
• Updating the trial balance;
• Preparing profit-and-loss statement and balance sheet;
• Managing payroll;
• Invoicing clients



- New business structure & registration;
- Certified advantages of small business with SBA;
- Business contracts with government;
- Legal issues with government authorties, such as IRS, State, and the local city